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Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy Workforce

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Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy Workforce

American Electric Power – AEP 

UpRys’ Employer-of-Record Platform Transforms AEP’s Internship Experience

AEP is one of the largest electric energy companies in the U.S. and powers millions of homes and businesses. AEP is working with their customers and communities to create the future of energy.


AEP has two recruitment and outreach programs designed to increase gender diversity and inclusion within their workforce: the AEP ONE (Opportunities iN Energy) Program and Women in Line Work (WIL) Program.


The AEP ONE Program aims to prepare students for Transmission field positions through academic and technical education, providing opportunities for college Co-Ops and Internships at AEP Transmission with mentorship for professional and personal growth. AEP’s vision is to create a student-centered and community-focused Transmission workforce development program.


The AEP Women in Line Work (WIL) Program aims to attract and retain women in traditionally male-dominated line work roles, providing them with comprehensive training and a supportive network to pursue well-paid careers with job stability and community service opportunities. The program combines virtual and in-person courses at AEP training facilities to build a skilled workforce of female line workers.

Keeping the lights on requires hard work from a huge team at AEP. Through our Opportunities iN Energy program, we are helping high school students learn about careers that offer good-paying jobs with a great company. It’s exciting to have the next generation of energy workers with us.

– Lisa Barton, Executive Vice President, AEP Transmission

The Situation

AEP’s Columbus, Ohio-based operation is community partners with IMPACT Community Action. IMPACT is focused on fighting poverty by providing hope-inspiring help and real opportunities for self-sufficiency. AEP is a strong supporter of IMPACT’s workforce programming and offers youth and young adults work experience internships.


IMPACT has been a long-time supporter of the UpRys Employer-Of-Record (EOR) platform. When AEP created the ONE and WIL programs, IMPACT recommended the UpRys EOR platform to onboard and provide payroll processing for the interns, manage employment compliance and ensure adherence to labor laws and regulations. In 2022, AEP awarded UpRys the contract to support both programs.

The Goals

The UpRys EOR team began by gathering essential details from AEP to understand the program objectives. UpRys ensured the internship program adhered to all relevant labor laws and regulations, including minimum wage requirements, tax withholding, and labor standards specific to interns.

The scope of services was defined, covering areas such as AEP onboarding, intern onboarding, payroll processing, invoicing, insurance, tax compliance, and helpdesk support. UpRys conducted training sessions for AEP program staff and the participants to confidently navigate UpRys’ EOR systems.

The Results

By utilizing UpRys’ EOR systems for their internship program needs AEP was able to confidently run a compliant, efficient, well-organized program while freeing up internal resources to focus on mentorship, skill development, and achieving the program’s educational and workforce development goals.

Reduced Administrative Burden
• Enhanced Flexibility and Adaptability
• Added Learning Opportunities
• Improved Talent Management and Skill
• Development

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