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Building Equity and Inclusion for Future Generations

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Building Equity and Inclusion for Future Generations

Be Counted On Foundation – Counted and Counted On

Be Counted On Foundation

From first learning to swing, to achieving college scholarships and professional excellence, award-winning PGA Pro, visionary and change agent Gerry Hammond has been a beloved coach and mentor to hundreds of young people. For over 25 years, he’s used golf as a tool to teach integrity, discipline, academic excellence, teamwork, and service.


Hammond is the Founder & CEO of the Be Counted On Foundation (BCO), the social enterprise In The Number, and the Hammond Golf Academy. The Be Counted On Foundation works to build upon innate and unique human abilities within the scope of Education, Health, Human Rights and our Environment to equip the global race with the skills to make our planet a more inclusive place for all.


The B.C.O.M. (Be Counted On Foundation Mentorship) Program, a key element of BCO, is taking Gerry’s ambitions out into the community by helping students to become the best version of themselves through golf instruction, academic enrichment, and personal development. Through his collective efforts, Gerry envisions a world where every individual can make a positive impact.

The Situation

Gerry’s online retail venture, In The Number, promotes social equity through the use of numbers, representing the unity of humanity with vibrant designs. Enlisting UpRys, Gerry sought to streamline operations and enhance In The Number’s online presence to drive funds to BCO and further his impact on the world. BCO required assistance in structuring as a 501C3 non-profit entity to facilitate effective donation collection and support for youth through the B.C.O.M Program.

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The Goals

Teaming up with UpRys, Gerry aimed to distinguish between BCO and In The Number. While In The Number required an updated website for seamless shopping and organized financials for improved expense, profit, and donation tracking, BCO needed strategic guidance and structure.


In addition to website development, UpRys focused on enhancing In The Number’s brand awareness through targeted messaging, social media content, branded collateral, and fundraising events, bolstering the brand’s digital presence.


An event sponsored by UpRys and hosted at The Golf Depot further cemented the Be Counted On Foundation’s presence in the community. Dubbed “The One Game For All: Golf Exposition and Clinic,” the event provided underprivileged youth with golf instruction and helped establish the Foundation’s position in Columbus.


With the support of local sponsors and UpRys’ marketing assistance, the event garnered significant funds, allocated towards scholarships for youth to participate in the Hammond Golf Academy Top 20 Program.

The Results

Gerry’s testimonial reflects the transformative impact of UpRys’ support.

As a one-man-band and not a lot of resources, I was struggling. I heard about UpRys as a company to come in and provide the structure around the different entities that I had and put me on a path and a trajectory towards north. After only two months, I was further than I had been in ten years. It was a breath of fresh air to have a team provide expertise in so many various areas, and provide the caring and consideration of one’s life and business… I feel very blessed to have been introduced to UpRys.

-Gerry Hammond

Since the summer of 2020, the close collaboration between UpRys and the Be Counted On Foundation has led to the evolution of the organization into distinct yet interconnected entities. Throughout the collaboration, UpRys achieved the following milestones:

  • Developing a streamlined digital presence for In The Number and Be Counted On, including updated messaging and positioning
  • Updating In The Number’s website for a seamless shopping experience for customers and proper allocation of funds for the Foundation
  • Successfully structuring and launching the Foundation through strategic guidance, fundraising campaigns, promotions, and events; and
  • Ensuring synchronization across the three brands for streamlined operations and marketing efforts.


Through their collaboration with UpRys, the Be Counted On Foundation not only gained traction within the central Ohio community but also enhanced brand identity, productivity, and operational efficiency. UpRys played a pivotal role in guiding Gerry Hammond towards realizing his vision and effectively managing a multifaceted organization.

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