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Elevating Opportunity

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Elevating Opportunity

Balanced Strategies, LLC

How UpRys’ Fractional Support Transformed Balanced Strategies’ Digital Presence

Balanced Strategies, LLC is a Veteran-owned firm led by CEO Harvey Johnson based out of Washington, D.C. Specializing in consulting, coaching, and keynote speaking, the company excels at helping businesses navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic work environments.


With a focus on adaptability and proactive innovation, Balanced Strategies aids organizations in staying competitive and avoiding obsolescence.

UpRys was crucial in the launch of Balanced Strategies. They quickly understood our needs and provided the exact expertise we required, which not only met but surpassed our goals. UpRys was a driving force behind our marketing success.

– Harvey Johnson, Founder & CEO, Balanced Strategies LLC

The Situation

Balanced Strategies recognized the need to establish a robust digital presence to better serve their clients and enhance their market visibility. Understanding the recent shifts in organizational structures and the importance of workplace cultural health, they sought to create a compelling brand narrative and streamline their marketing efforts. To achieve these goals, they required targeted, expert support without the long-term commitment of full-time hires.


Balanced Strategies turned to UpRys for fractional support, recognizing the unique value of accessing specialized expertise tailored to their specific needs. UpRys’ fractional support model provides scalable, expert assistance without the overhead of traditional hiring processes, allowing businesses like Balanced Strategies to stay agile and focused on their strategic goals.

The Goals

To address Balanced Strategies’ needs, UpRys began by developing a clear brand narrative that accurately reflected their values and expertise. The team then crafted a detailed style guide to ensure consistent and professional representation across all marketing materials.


With these foundational elements in place, UpRys designed and launched a user-friendly website to effectively communicate Balanced Strategies’ services and unique approach. Additionally, UpRys produced impactful marketing materials to support their promotional activities and enhance their market presence.

The Results

  • Enhanced Brand Identity
  • Improved Digital Presence
  • Effective Marketing Collateral
  • Streamlined Approach to Communication


Balanced Strategies exemplifies how fractional support can lead to significant business advancements. By optimizing budget allocation and accessing specialized expertise, Balanced Strategies was able to focus on strategic goals, accelerate growth, and drive innovation.


UpRys’ fractional support is strategically designed for organizations aiming to enhance operational efficiency, minimize costs, and access specialized skills without full-time or long-term commitments. Our team of experts integrates seamlessly into client operations, providing the necessary knowledge and support to navigate today’s complex market landscape.

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