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Principal Consultant, Technology

Gus Echeverria

Gus Echeverria

Gus Echeverria has been an essential part of the UpRys team since 2020. Before joining the UpRys team, his technical and intrapersonal skills had him working directly with the Ohio Department of Transportation Director as an Infrastructure Support Consultant.


Gus is the CEO and Founder of Cloud Interactions and has the pleasure of working with organizations of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. His goals are to help streamline their processes, boost productivity, and help them scale economically for a better future.


Gus’ passion for technology has inspired him to give back to the community by allowing underprivileged individuals to access IT and develop sustainable career paths for their future.


In his free time, Gus enjoys playing and writing music, playing racquet sports such as tennis and pickleball, as well as learning about interesting facts related to science, tech, and sometimes math.


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