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Marketing and Communications Intern

Jordy Puterman

Jordy Puterman

In her role as the Marketing and Communications Intern at UpRys, Jordy Puterman, a senior at The Ohio State University, is actively building expertise by pursuing her bachelor’s degree in strategic communications. Jordy’s dedication is evident as she quickly grasped the intricacies of the consulting environment and the importance of connecting messaging across various digital platforms.  Jordy’s commitment to understanding the nuances of communication in the digital landscape highlights her strategic mindset. She navigates seamlessly through various platforms, ensuring that messages resonate effectively with diverse audiences. Her proficiency in content creation also enhances the overall communication strategy for UpRys and its clients. Jordy has become adept at leveraging multiple content management and program management tools, allowing her to serve several clients simultaneously with efficiency and precision while adhering to tight deadlines. She has been instrumental in the management of the UpRys website, becoming proficient in WordPress and making consistent and timely updates to the site.  This multi-faceted approach not only enhances her personal growth in the field of strategic communications but also contributes significantly to UpRys’ capability to serve and exceed the expectations of our clients. Her holistic understanding and practical application of these skills position her as a valuable asset to UpRys and a promising professional in the field of marketing and communications.In her spare time, Jordy enjoys walks along the coast in her native town of Los Angeles, California. She is a passionate fashion and food enthusiast and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

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