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Principal Consultant, Marketing

Kate Hannum-Rose

Kate Hannum-Rose

With 20+ years of experience in Marketing Communications, Kate Hannum-Rose has strategized and executed multiple critical plans and helped navigate significant brand transformations by taking them to the next level. Kate thrives on helping individuals and organizations amplify their Marketing Communication to make an influential impact by collaborating with business partners to connect the overall strategy with clear messages and the right look and feel for maximum effectiveness.


Kate creates impactful processes, develops smart strategies, creates compelling content, and leads successful individuals while learning something new every step of the way. Known to connect, influence, and deliver new levels of communication through her exceptional written and verbal skills, Kate can capture the attention of an audience as small as a meeting room full of executives to 10,000+ people in some of the biggest arenas in the country.


When not helping to communicate cohesively, clearly, and confidently, you will find Kate with her husband, Adam, at their son Austin’s football, basketball, or baseball game. And if she’s not there, she’s probably enjoying homemade wood-fired pizza with friends on her patio.

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