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Our Collaborative Approach Creates… 

The UpRys approach addresses critical challenges organizations are facing today so that leaders can focus on mission-critical work, resulting in a more sustainable organization.

The UpRys approach addresses critical challenges organizations are facing today that can make a valuable difference in the lives of those they serve so leaders can focus on mission-critical work, resulting in a more cost-effective, efficient organization.

Create a high-level business strategy focused on evolving in today’s market in order to build a high-performing organization with a focus on future growth. The following focus areas, chosen for their impact on business today, help to create an improved business model to guide organizations toward sustainable success. UpRys is a resource to small businesses and nonprofits, working collaboratively to elevate organizations by optimizing their day-to-day operations. Partnering with UpRys allows you to get back to your organization’s purpose.


Our team of experienced nonprofit and small business experts provides specialized industry expertise in the following focus areas:

Finance & Accounting

Streamline key finance and accounting processes to save money and build confidence


Achieve operational excellence by aligning your vision, mission and critical objectives

Workforce Management

Along with a more efficient human resource information flow, we will build a high-functioning team with leadership coaching and development and properly structured organizational goals

Marketing & Communications

Implement strategic marketing tactics and connect with consumers and partners who care

Information Technology

Tackle technology challenges with solutions that will maximize your investment


We will be driven first by purpose and the cause’s needs. This will allow us to
iterate and craft the most unique experience for them. Only then can we
focus on profits.

The Employer-of-Record Partner Advantage

Manage and support your contingent workforce without risk or complications

UpRys’ workforce solutions simplify the process for our clients by mitigating risk, reducing administrative effort, and simplifying onboarding and offboarding. Our services allow clients to achieve sustainability and avoid financial penalties, potential litigation and negative publicity

Focus on your Business, Not Payroll

UpRys provides Employer-of-Record services is designed to help you manage your workforce of
non-traditional employees; including contract workers, freelancers, interns, retirees or alumni andstaff for special projects.

Expertly Navigate the Compliance Minefield

Independent contractor compliance laws are complicated, often vague, contradictory and ever-changing. With UpRys, you can be confident that your contract workers are compliant with all tax and regulatory agencies. Protect Your Business and Ensure the Right Hire: With UpRys, make the right hiring decisions with comprehensive screening services, including: • National Criminal Background Check • Drug Screening • Credit Check • Reference Check • Education Verification • Motor Vehicle Report

Connect Value with Opportunity

UpRys connects nonprofit workforce programming organizations with businesses who have opportunities for employment. Nonprofits can serve their community while employers provide valuable experiences for individuals in need of occupation.

Provide Opportunities | Engage Candidates | Support Your Community

Talent Partners

Our passion is to connect our broad network of employers with nonprofit workforce programs to help all parties involved achieve their goals. By becoming a talent partner, nonprofits can further their mission and help provide opportunities to the underrepresented population in their community through our for-profit employer partners.

UpRys proudly donates a portion of our profit back to the nonprofit organizations to help support their mission.

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