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Business Process Optimization 

Evolve. Optimize. Elevate

These focus areas, chosen for their necessity and impact in today’s market, help to provide a well-rounded view of the overall business model to guide non-profits and small businesses toward sustainable success. Whether it’s one department, or the full business model in need of streamlining, we provide the strategy and deliver on the solution so you can focus on mission-critical work, resulting in a more cost-effective, efficient organization.

Finance & Accounting

Ensure the financial health of your organization by streamlining key finance and accounting activities, processes, and reporting.

  • Optimize day-to-day activities, as well as strategic decisions, related to the financial operations of your organization
  • Examine financial statements and reporting procedures to gain a holistic view of your organization
  • Manage expenses and programmatic financial elements to scale in a manner that suits your team
  • Prepare and forecast budgets and cash projections to better plan for unprecedented events


Develop and implement processes and systems to effectively and efficiently manage your organization’s ability to deliver value and results.

  • Evaluate, design, and implement processes, systems, and workflows to achieve organizational goals
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) which measure performance against objectives
  • Align operational changes to strategic goals to better forecast your needs
  • Cultivate a dynamic culture emphasizing strengths and capabilities, access to opportunities, and drive engagement

Workforce Management

Build a high-functioning organization by implementing processes for talent management, human resources flow, workforce development, and capacity.

  • Assess the current workforce environment and establish goals to ensure effective growth and change
  • Gain a renewed view of organizational priorities, culture, and metrics
  • Establish a central human resources function focused on accountability, organizational design, and compliance
  • Streamline recruiting and staffing with an end-to-end hiring process, compensation, and benefits support
  • Utilize our Employer-of-Record services to help manage non-traditional employees (i.e., contract workers, freelancers, alums, etc.)
  • Build a company culture that reflects your core values through annual employee engagement surveys, recognition programs, integrating diversity, equity, inclusion, and to access best practices

Marketing & Communications

Evaluate your current marketing activities, leverage available resources, and align your messaging with your organization’s overall goals and direction.

  • Establish a strategy and plan that aligns with organizational goals and addresses current and ongoing needs
  • Target your audiences intentionally with marketing content for a variety of platforms (i.e., digital, print, social media)
  • Refresh your brand with an updated look and feel with clearly defined organizational values, messaging, mission, and vision
  • Audit and assess your website for recommendations to improve presentation and user experience

Information Technology

Build capacity, streamline processes, increase efficiency, optimize resources, and reduce costs by leveraging technology solutions to address business challenges.

  • Conduct an in-depth assessment of the current state to identify performance gaps
  • Build a “high-level” IT roadmap that leverages technology solutions to your business challenges
  • Improve operational security and protect important data
  • Tackle emerging and ongoing needs such as integrating applications and cloud migration
  • Operate more efficiently from anywhere with remote access to information and teams


Build a high-functioning leadership team with a clear path to success with properly structured organizational goals.

  • Develop a strategy to take your organization into the future and safeguard sustainability
  • Implement change management through stakeholder and team member buy-in and strategic communications
  • Assess your organization’s ability for success by focusing on what you do best
  • Provide access to resources to optimize team performance and leadership development

Case Study      

Alvis Inc.

UpRys is a true partner. Every step along the way no matter what we’ve done – they’ve been there. They took us in a whole other direction that I wasn’t comfortable with, but they coached us in all of the change. They bring in the right people and create a game plan for everything. UpRys has helped us focus on what we do best and they’ll do that for you.

– Denise Robinson, Alvis Inc. President & CEO
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