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Why UpRys?

Give Back: Cultivate Community First

At UpRys we understand that success isn’t solely measured by profit margins and business growth. It’s also about the positive influence we can have on the communities we serve.

Our commitment to social responsibility runs deep within our organization. We encourage our employees to actively engage with our non-profit community, volunteering their time and expertise. This fosters a deeper connection between our team and the grassroots initiatives that we support.

The UpRys Foundation​

UpRys is committed to allocating a portion of our profits to non-profit organizations that tirelessly address critical social and environmental challenges through the UpRys Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund established at the Columbus Foundation. We take great care in selecting non-profit organizations whose missions align with our values and objectives. The unrestricted funds we provide support these organizations in their day-to-day operations and programming mission.

Shared Purpose

The UpRys Give Back program offers mentorship opportunities and access to resources through our Business Process Optimization division. We offer expert guidance in finance and accounting, operations, workforce management, marketing and communications, information technology (IT), and leadership. Our goal is to help non-profits thrive and become self-sustaining forces for good.

“If you have some needs with your company and you’re concerned, there’s a company out there that has everything you need and they care. And they’ll see to it that they get you where you need to go.”

– Gerry Hammond

In Action: Making a Difference

Since 2022, the UpRys Foundation and give back program has contributed over $100,000 to more than a dozen local non-profit organizations and counting. This support is instrumental in furthering their work and impact within our community. Use the Contact us form below to help us make a positive impact today!

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