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Technology leadership. Cultural expertise. Operational efficacy.

UpRys has delivered innovative Employer-of-Record services to leading organizations since 2010. Our award-winning solutions focus on operational excellence and discipline, enabling our clients to achieve greater workforce control and performance.

Effortless Contingent Workforce Management Solutions

Contingent labor is an essential part of today’s workforce and the success of your business. However, improper workforce management can result in financial penalties, potential litigation and negative publicity. UpRys’s comprehensive system to manage and support your contingent workforce can help:

Minimize Risk Exposure – Transfer the responsibility and liability for payroll, taxes, benefits, insurance and employee records to UpRys.

Simplify Onboarding & Offboarding – Quickly scale up and down as staffing needs change and leave the time-consuming, complex paperwork to UpRys.

Reduce Administrative Effort – Free up resources and eliminate hassles by outsourcing workforce management activities to UpRys.

Focus on Your Business - Not Payroll

UpRys provides Employer-of-Record services designed to help you manage your workforce of non-traditional employees; including contract workers, freelancers, interns, retirees or alumni and staff for special projects.

Industry-Leading Technology Platform

Technology that makes managing your workforce convenient, compliant and comprehensive. UpRys provides mobile-first technology solutions designed to help successfully manage your workforce experience including:

Ensure the Right Hire

At UpRys, we recognize that your company’s performance and reputation depend on the quality of your people. Our expertise and technology helps you make the right hiring decisions the first time with comprehensive screening services including:

Navigate the Independent Contractor Compliance Minefield

Independent contractor compliance laws are complicated—often vague, contradictory and ever-changing. Even with the best intentions, it can be challenging for companies who work with contractors to remain compliant. With UpRys, you can be confident that your contract workers are compliant with all tax and regulatory agencies.

Purpose-Driven Support

UpRys proudly donates a percentage of our profits to area nonprofits to support their mission.

The UpRys EOR Platform Powers Work Experience Programming For Nonprofit Organizations

Contract compliance can be challenging. Improper management can result in financial penalties, potential litigation and negative publicity. Simplify Program Management with Our Three Phase Process:

Phase 1: Preprogram Activity

Phase 2: Program Delivery

Phase 3: Post Program Activity

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